Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beer at The Blue

Well the idea I had of taking photos and posting them to let you know what was on, didn't work so back to typing.

Westons - Country Perry 4.5%, Pickled Pig - Rum Cask , Biddendens Cider 8%, Cassels - Dabinett 7%

Oakham - Inferno 4%, Abbeydale - Now Then 4.1%, Colchester - Red Diesel 4.2%, Newby Wyke - Black Funnel Mild 5%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Ossett - Big Red 4%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%, Old Cannon - Gun Port Stout 4.4%

Imported Draught
Ultramour - Forest Fruits 5%, Roman Oudenaarde - Ename Dubbel 6.5%, Saison - Caseau 5%, Haave Man - Bruges Zot 6%

Coming up
Oldershaw - Grantham Dark 3.6%,  B&T - Dragonslayer 4.5%, Newby Wyke - Red Squall 4.4%, Cotleigh - Osprey 5%, Colchester - Anne Downes 4.4%, Potbelly - Beijing Black 4.4%, Dark Star - Espresso 4.2%

To warm you or prepare you for the walk home, we have a large selection of Rums and Malt Whisky

Looking forward to the sunshine

Saturday, 5 May 2012

General Updates

Well I can't blame Jethro for not writing as I have already used that one, so there is no excuse except busyness. Facebook is updated more regularly, but I know not all of you are on there, so I will try and be more consistent with the updates on here.

Despite the weather we continue to be busy and several brave souls are sitting under the umbrellas with the heaters on. There are a couple of events coming up. as you may know we have been voted Cider and Perry Pub of 2012, so to celebrate, we are having a festival of apples and pears from 1 June until 5 June, keep an eye out for specials on the food menu too.

Our Summer beer Festival is from Tues 26 June 5pm until Sunday 1 July. This includes the Gwydir St Party on Sat 30th June from 2pm - 9pm Live music throughout, food stalls, books, DVDs, massage, children's entertainment, street performers and lots more. This year the charities are Headway, St Barnabas Church and MacMillan Cancer Care.
If you would like or know anyone who would like to donate things for any of the stalls that the committee are running, please contact either us or The Alexandra Arms, or indeed have a stall yourself

The beers will be updated later or tomorrow morning

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter

Hi Folks, Hope you are having a good weekend and not yet sick of chocolate.

Beers available at the moment
B & T - Two Brewers 3.6%, Art Brew - Double Trouble 12%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%, Indian summer - Hop & Soul Blonde 4.5%, Isle of Purbeck - Fossil Fuel 4.1%, Alena/Paula and Oakham - CB 2.8%, Oakham - Inferno 4%, Mr Grundy's - No Man's Land 4.5%.

Waiting in the tap room
Neath Ales - Firebrick 4.2%, Coastal - Erosion 8%, Cottage - Wessex Spring 4%, Abbeydale - Daily Bread 3.8%, Langton - Beer Engine 4.3%, Patriot - Kiwi 4.1%, Tiny Rebel - F.U.B.A.R 4.4%, B&T - Shefford Bitter 3.8%

Imported beers on tap
Winkler (German) - Franconian Golden Ale, La Trappe (Dutch) - Blonde 6.5%, Stone (USA) - IPA 6.9%, De Molen (Dutch) - Rasputin 10.4%

Pickled Pig - Saddleback Rum 6.5%

Don't forget the Egg/Treasure Quiz on Monday at 11am. Barbecue from 12 - 3 weather permitting

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Building Work Update

Just to let you know that we will be opening the front bar on Tuesday 27th March at 5pm, there was a slight hold up.
Pictures are on facebook our page is TheCambridgeBlue

The beer festival will start at 5pm on Wed 28th March and the builders will be there on Fri so we can say goodbye to them

Friday, 16 March 2012

Updates Fri 16 March

We are still in the marquee but work is progressing well. The bar has now been moved and the flooring should be going down this weekend, both bars will be painted and Jethro has started to plan where all the 'stuff' will be going on the walls

The beers available at the moment are
Adnams - Mild 3.6%, Churchend - Stout Coffin 4.6%, Nethergate - Lord of the Rings 4.2%, Oakham - Hare and Hedgehog 3.9%, Adnams - Ghostship 4.5%, Oakham - Inferno 4%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9, Colchester - No1 Bitter 4.1% and B & T - Madhatter 4.2%

Beers racked and next in line are
Woodfordes - Admirals Reserve 5%, Partners Brewery - Blond 3.9%, Nethergate - IPA 3.5%,
Mill Green - Stella 4%, Smart - Chocolate Smartie 4.8% and Tydd Steam - Amnesiac 4.9%

Don't forget the beer festival from Wed 28 March - Sun 1 Apr

Sunday, 11 March 2012

More beers

Hi Folks

The ceiling and walls have had a coat of paint, the bar will be moved this week, so things are starting to take shape.

In the meantime the beers are as follows
Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%, Oakham - Inferno 4%, Lytham - Twilight 4%, Adnams - Old Ale 4.1%, B/T - MadHatter 4.2%, Colchester - Diesel 3.6%, Georges - Wallasea Wench 3.6% and Warwickshire - Market Ale 4.9%

Waiting in the wings are
Oakham - Hare & The Hedgehog 3.9%, Adnams - Mild 3.6%, Adnams - Ghostship 4.5% and Colchester - No1 Bitter 4.1%

Ciders available
Cromwell - Ollie's Last Gasp (Dry) 6.5% and Westons - Perry 4.5%

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Building Progress

You will be glad to know that progress is good, obviously we would like to tell you that the builders are working all day and night and we will be open this weekend, but sadly that is not the case. They are however working as many hours as permitted by the council and getting on well.

As I write they are putting the new ceiling up and the walls should be done later or tomorrow ready for the plasterers to come in on Thursday. The bar still needs to be moved forwards and the pllars at the entrance changed/removed.

In the meantime we have set a bar up in the marquee and are serving 5 ales plus the usual Bitburger, Konig, Aspall, Licher and Kostritzer

Oakham - Inferno 4%, Oakham - Black Hole Porter 5.5%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9% and Cottage - Dark Ruby Ale 4.8%

There is also Westons - Country Perry 4.5% and Pickled pig - New Season Porker 6.5%

We have planned a beer festival to run from 28 March - 1 April and the whole pub should be open before that (around 26 March)

Regular updates can also be found on our facebook page, and on the website,