Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

After the beer festival party

On handpump
Milton - Orpheus 4.2%, Gadds@ - Common Conspiracy 4.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%, Woodfordes - Once Bittern 4% and Gadds' - Thoroughly Modern Mild 6%

From the Tap Room
Red Fox - Hunters Gold 3.9%, Langton - Bowler 4.8%,Sawbridgeworth - Mead Mild 3.4%, Oakham - Scarlet Macaw 4.4%, Langton - Welland Sunrise 4.5%, Oakham - Black Hole Porter 5.5% and Oakham - Inferno 4%

New bottled Beers from America
Stone - Levitation Ale 4.4% and Odell - Isolation Ale 6.1%

Friday, 27 May 2011

Beers Saturday 28 May 1.30pm

We hope you have been enjoying The Cambridge Beer Festival this week, several people have been popping in on the way to or from Jesus Green and sampling our ales. Here are the ones we have on offer today

On Handpump
Gadds' - Thoroughly Modern Mild 6%, Tydd Steam - Golden Kiwi 4.1%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%, Tydd Steam - Star Gazer 4.2% and Milton - Orpheus 4.2%

From the Tap Room
Geen Jack - Canary Premier 5%, Oakham - Inferno 4%, Oakham - Black Hole Porter 5.5%, Langton - Welland Sunrise 4.5%, Downton - Apple Blossom Ale 4.3%, Langton - Bowler Strong Ale 4.8%

Black Rat - Medium 6%, Crones - Norfolk Perry 6.3%, Pickled Pig - Porkers Snout 6.5%

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Sunday

Beers on handpump
Cottage - Malt Teazer 4%, Woodfordes - Once Bittern 4%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9% and Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%

From the tap room
Warwickshire - Ball Stitcher 5%, Idle - Idle Sod 4.2%, Titanic - Lifeboat 4%, Oakham - Black Hole Porter 5.5%, Oakham - Inferno 4% and langton - Farrier 3.8%

Black Rat - Medium 6%, Pickled Pig - Old Spot 6%, Westons - Country Perry 4.5%

Guest American beer. Brooklyn Lager 5.2%

See you at the Cambridge Beer Festival on Monday

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Latest Beers and news

The disabled toilet is nearly finished. There will be a baby changing unit in there too, so you can change a horrible smelly baby for a nice clean one!!!!

The Cambridge Morris Men will be dancing in the garden on Fri 20th May at 9pm.

Guest American Beer on tap is Brooklyn Lager 5.2% 2.80 a half

English Beers available on handpump are
Warwickshire Beer Co - Castle Mild 3.4%, Fox - Heacham Gold 3.9%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8% and Tring - Death or Glory 7.9%.

From the tap room
Warwickshire Beer Co - Ball Sticher 5%, Oakham - Midnight Mild 4%, Acorn - Simcoe IPA 5%, Saffron - Brewhouse Bell 4% and Oakham - Citra 4.2%

Cassels - Dabinett 7%, Black rat - Medium 6%, Pickled Pig - Porkers Snout 6.5% and Westons - Country Perry 4.5%
There is also the St Hellier in bottles and of course Aspalls on tap

Don't forget the Cambridge Beer Festival starts on Mon 23rd May. If you want your own space you could volunteer at the end of the week so everyone can get served quicker.

Our Summer Beer Festival is from Tues 28 June until Sun 3 July with the Gwydir St Party on Sat 2 July from 2 - 9. If anyone would like to volunteer for either of those please contact Terri or Jethro at the Blue.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

After the Beer Festival

The latest news is that the facebook page has been closed for some reason. We suspect it might be malicious so there is now a new page called The Cambridge Blue.I was so excited about setting up the new page that I used such a good password that I didn't write it down and I can't remember what it is so please bear with us on that. You can friend us again while I am racking my brains and please pass on the new page to others so we can keep in touch.

Beers at the moment are as follows
Newby Wyke - Black Funnel 5%, Titanic - English Glory 4.5%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%,
Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8% and Church End - Bad rabbit 4.1%

From the Tap Room
Oakham - Inferno 4%, Tring - Mansion Mild 3.7% and Piddle - Silent Slasher 5.1% (so good that someone has taken the pump clip!!)

Crones - Original 7.5%, Cassels - Dabinett 7%, Pickled Pig - Rum Cask 6.5%

There will be more beers available as the day goes on and I will update you as it happens.