Sunday, 8 May 2011

After the Beer Festival

The latest news is that the facebook page has been closed for some reason. We suspect it might be malicious so there is now a new page called The Cambridge Blue.I was so excited about setting up the new page that I used such a good password that I didn't write it down and I can't remember what it is so please bear with us on that. You can friend us again while I am racking my brains and please pass on the new page to others so we can keep in touch.

Beers at the moment are as follows
Newby Wyke - Black Funnel 5%, Titanic - English Glory 4.5%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%,
Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8% and Church End - Bad rabbit 4.1%

From the Tap Room
Oakham - Inferno 4%, Tring - Mansion Mild 3.7% and Piddle - Silent Slasher 5.1% (so good that someone has taken the pump clip!!)

Crones - Original 7.5%, Cassels - Dabinett 7%, Pickled Pig - Rum Cask 6.5%

There will be more beers available as the day goes on and I will update you as it happens.

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