Saturday, 21 January 2012

A long gap

Sorry folks, Jethro started doing this but then we got busy/er and he sort of stopped.

We had lots of new and interesting beers over Christmas and the New Year, we also tried a couple of new ones at the beer festival this weekend at USSC in Mill Lane.

The beers we have available now and over the next few days are as follows.

Newby Wyke - HMS Warrior 5%, Titanic - Iceberg 4.1%, Oakham - Inferno 4%, Hop Monster - Warlock 4.5%, Old Cannon -  .Black Pig 4.2% (Nothing to do with Capt pugwash, as far as we know),
Green Tye - Albion 3.6%, Woodfordes - Wherry 3.8%, Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9% and Titanic - Mild 3.5% are on at the moment

Waiting in the wings are Oakham - Whakari 4.3% very rare beer, Oakham - Citra 4.2%, Georges - Excalibar 5.4%, Bank Top - Dark Mild 4%, Captain Kidd 3.7%, Prospect - Gold Digger 4%, Nobbys - Wild West 4.6%, Fox - Best Bitter 4%, Cotleigh - Buzzard 4.8%, Nethergate - Umbel Magna 5% and Woodfordes - Admirals Reserve 5%

We have increased the range of bottled beers to include beers from Delaware,New York, Hawaii, Utah and California

Guest foreign draught is Schneider - Mein Blonde

We are holding a quiz every Wed in Jan and Feb it starts at 8.30pm, beer and meals to be won along with chocolate

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