Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Countdown to our first beer festival of 2011 begins

Another sunny day...

As of 5pm tomorrow, we will have the beer festival open. Around 30 beers at any one time as well as our usual set-up inside. Beer list is being complied and printed, watch out for a special one called 'Jethro's Delight'!

Current Beers:

Nethergate - Dewdrop 3.9%,  Humpty Dumpty - Bad Egg 4.1%, Reedcutter 4.4%,  Oakham - Citra 4.2%, Oxfordshire - Triple B 3.8%, Magpie - Dark Secret 3.7%, Midnight Porter 5%, Dorset Piddle - Piddle 4.1%, Woodforde's - Wherry 3.8%, Whitstable Brewery - Native Bitter 3.7%

Cider: Weston's Country Perry 4%, Pickled Pig Rum Cask 6.5% and Aspall's as always

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